PAi engineers and system administrators have a wealth of experience in many programming languages, platforms and server environments.  Our turnkey services are all-inclusive — if it’s digital, we not only can handle it, but likely have done it many times before.  Whether it be Open-source (OSS), Ruby on Rails, Django/Python, Java, .NET — our engineers dip into all of these and more every day, managing mission-critical applications for public and private companies at a fraction of cost and time to market.


When PAi builds an app or site, we extrapolate relentlessly:  How is the visitor or user getting from A to B?  What’s getting in the way?  What’s the big picture?

Can the message of a brand be muddied by the stingy size of a text field or a robotic communication (“YOUR MESSAGE IS BEING PROCESSED…”?) when a customer makes contact, as much as by poor choice of words?  Yes, it can.  Responsiveness is not only an @media setting in a CSS stylesheet, it’s an M.O. — it’s a matter of hearing what your customers have to say and enabling what they seek to feel by putting your best foot forward in all your public-facing assets, opening the right doors at the right time.  How can PAi help?


Experience pays.  We’ve implemented hundreds of WordPress and Drupal applications.  We’ve been doing Magento for 15 years.  We know Amazon AWS backwards and forwards — can spin up a cloud server and secure it with firewalls and threat monitoring yesterday.  We’ve built document management systems, CRMs, iOS apps, and software tools that universities use to chart and visualize the efficacy of public health strategies.  We’re sort of serious.  Hell, we even tried to invent a digital solution to the brain drain of mortality, but motion capture technology and A.I. just wasn’t good enough yet.  We’re getting there.


With PAi you don’t need to speak or email 5 people to dot an i.  The i’s were dotted already.  Skip the red tape and save time and money for the good stuff, like gaining traction in new markets and playing foosball.


You can’t see what the tea leaves are saying if you don’t have the right lenses.  Our experts in Google Analytics and SEO live and breathe bounce rates, conversion goals, click tracking and metrics of all kinds — so much marketing data is available, we can help filter out and report on what’s important, make sense of conversions and bounces so that data and strategy enter into a positive feedback loop.  Where do the facebook referrals end up and where do they drop out?  Are there direct optin and share opportunities on the most popular pages?  Why is such a high percentage of users downloading coupons on mobile devices compared to desktop?  Is the demographic getting younger?  By asking the right questions of the data, we illuminate trends and opportunities to expand and succeed in the marketplace like never before.