Prestige Brands Holdings, Inc.

Are you unsatisfied with your current digital marketing and web development shop? Do you think the end products could be more creative and agile, more EFFECTIVE, while being less expensive to produce? This is a situation in which PAi excels and has extensive experience, and it’s why Prestige Brands chose PAi to take over development and maintenance work across their diverse portfolio of web properties. When you transition from one shop to another, especially when you’re a mid-size public company running apps on 10 platforms with limited documentation and a slew of roadblocks, it doesn’t necessarily go down seamlessly, but PAi made it happen and without a hitch.  With sufficient due diligence, and without charging an arm and a leg, PAi was able to assume control of 50 or so github repositories, rebuild deployment using Ruby/Capistrano on a few score drupal and django/python properties, gain the upper hand on a handful of legacy Windows IIS Sitecore apps, and document all existing servers and applications on them, while making comprehensive optimization recommendations which we put into effect within the 1st few months of the contract, saving Prestige thousands of dollars a month in hosting costs alone.