Blogger/Integrated Social Media Campaign Study

Baker’s Joy: Which Sweet Treat Are You?

Total Facebook Reach

Total Twitter Reach

Total YouTube Views

Total You Tube Impressions

Case Study

Our Task

With an emphasis on Millennials, promote Baker’s Joy in a non-traditional way to drive seasonal in-store sales and grow the brand’s database. Additionally, a focal KPI was social engagement across the key channels we leveraged for cross-promotion e.g. Facebook campaign app, YouTube recipe videos, Pinterest campaign recipe Pins, etc.

Our Strategy

Create a Buzzfeed-like personality quiz. We recruited 9 top-tier foodie bloggers to create sweet treat recipes (each recipe was a quiz result), and leveraged their social footprint as the primary driver of campaign awareness. Each recipe was re-created in the form of short videos and featured on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter/Vine and Instagram.

The Results



Total blog features: 9
Total blogger outreach social engagements: 21,289*
Total blogger outreach impressions: 1,000,000+*

*Impressions earned on blogger social channels


Total Facebook reach: 3,000,000+**
Total Twitter reach: 40,000+**
Total YouTube views: 15,000+**
Total YouTube impressions: 61,442**

**Total engagements secured on Baker’s Joy social channels: 30,000+




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  • The key messages that need to be marketed and received
  • An understanding of the channels and tactics that are currently working for the client


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