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Digital Marketing

Our approach is simple: we work with our diverse range of B2B and B2C clients to understand their products and services and provide digital solutions to grow their businesses. Online marketing and lead generation programs drive our creative process, usability standards, and marketing management programs. We believe every digital marketing initiative should incorporate benchmarks that allow us to measure the success of any campaign and guide our optimization strategy.

Promotion Management

“Get people involved!” – Bring your story to them, pique their curiosity, earn their interest. PAI offers over 20 years of expertise in supporting clients needs for end-user Sweepstakes, Contests. Games, Mail-in Offers, Gift with Purchase and everything in between. This experience has allowed us to provide a unique “Integrated Marketing System” to support client program definition, execution, management and measurement.

Web Development and Systems Administration

Our turn-key services are all-inclusive — if it’s digital, we not only can handle it, but likely have done it many times before. Open-source, Rails, Django/Python, Java, .NET — our engineers dip into all of these and more every day, managing mission-critical applications for public and private companies at a fraction of typical cost and time to market.

Fulfillment Services

PAi offers a full range of fulfillment services, from B2C and B2B distribution solutions to contact center, customer care, sophisticated order fulfillment management with comprehensive reporting and knowledge of postal regulations. You can count on PAi to supply your winners with their prizes or costumers with merchandising kits. Whether you need pick and pack services, storage, mail receipt or distribution of materials, PAi can assist you.



Jeremy Mutschler

Jeremy Mutschler

President & CEO

I’ve had the privilege of working on both the “Client” side as well as the “Agency” side to gain a dual perspective. As a “people pleaser”, Agency life suited me best. I gravitated to challenges and took pride in achieving the impossible. I can’t tell you how many times I drove to the FedEx terminal at JFK airport to meet a deadline or fulfill a promise.

As time went on, I liked spending time with clients and developing long-term relationships and friendships. This lead me to new business development and I thrived on the trill of earning new business. The natural progression was to do it for myself instead for someone else. An uncertain leap of faith lead me down a bumpy road but helped me embrace my entrepreneurial spirit. After nearly 25 years, I still wake-up excited for work and ready to prove myself one project at a time.

Jeffrey Mayer

Jeffrey Mayer

Lead Developer

In 2000, my roommate came home and told me to check out this search tool called “Google” — it was really cool and even then you could find almost anything.  Admittedly, this was the beginning of an internet habit.  Bush was installed by the court, the buildings fell — I started tinkering online full time.  I enjoy building things that work seamlessly and powerfully — to deliver messages, build market share, accomplish tasks more efficiently, and plain have fun.  Strong expertise in a wide array of programming languages and platforms allows me to see the big picture for PAi clients, to deliver products and experiences that strengthen consumer commitment, whether that consumption be of a product, an idea or a game.

Michael Versandi

Michael Versandi

Creative Director / Lead Designer

Born into the world of advertising and design ( I was an extra in a Twinkie commercial when I was 4), I memorized Pantone colors before I knew how to add or subtract.
I’ve been a designer my whole life.
First as a special effects fabricator and Industrial Designer, then a Creative Director.
I cut my teeth at New York Creatives in Manhattan before moving on to Promotion Associates. Where I’ve been fortunate enough to conceptualize, design and direct everything from local radio spots to regional ads to national television commercials for a variety of different clients.

For me, designing is not just a job or an assignment. It’s way to look at and reevaluate the world around you.
Everything has a composition and a flow. A story in a newspaper. An advertisement in a magazine. A website. The cadence of a story told among friends. The way flowers line a walkway. What we do is assess all the variables, and create art.
I believe that without a fundamental understanding of design principles, no amount of drop shadows or beveled text will capture the essence of your brand and place it ahead of the rest.

…that being said, there’s nothing like a good drop shadow.
Except maybe a nice gaussian blur.

When not behind my desk, I spend my spare time working in my yard, petting as many dogs as possible and trying to see as much of the country on the back of a motorcycle as my wife will allow.

Mark Karlan

Head, Digital Marketing , Prestige Brands

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